On behalf of myself, Todd and Bert (and the rest of the Fitz team) I’d like to thank you and your crew for a job well done.  It says a lot that a 2-1/2 week project involving a 6-man crew working 12 hour days was accomplished without a single safety incident.  Your guys were extremely diligent about their PPE and keeping an eye out for each other.  

In addition to working safely the crew also worked very hard to get our scope completed.  As you know, this project requires constant juggling and flexibility and the crew was always adaptable to our needs and ready to go to work as soon as we allowed.

Personally, this was our second outage together (specifically with Clay) and I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with you and the Dryden crew.

Make sure you and/or your guys stop by and say ‘hello’ the next time you’re on site.

Thanks again for a safe, well executed project.


Michael D. Rodgers, PE, REM
Sr. Environmental Engineer
James A. FitzPatrick NPP
(315) 349-6571